Welcome to Redeemer! We love where God has placed us & seek to fully participate in the life of our West Asheville home. We hope to be a small glimpse into the possibilities of a community that is rooted in Christ. You will find us to be ‘family-like’: a worshiping community that loves, forgives and genuinely seeks the best for each other and our neighbors, in the likeness of Christ-our Redeemer.

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We are rooted in the traditions and values of the ancient Christian Church, while making those traditions and values accessible to our Asheville culture.



The ‘Anglican Way’ constitutes a rhythmic way of life. We believe God uses such rhythms to renew (redeem) us–in a sense, putting His heart in us. Redeemer provides opportunity for spiritual formation throughout the week through communal times of prayer and scripture reading.



Through Worship and Spiritual Formation we mysteriously take on the self-giving nature of Christ. We are reminded that we are set apart not just from the world, but for the sake of the world–participants in God’s redemptive plan for all creation.